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Our new partner Paymentwall

Global Payment Service Provider
All-in-one global payment platform 
Localized Payment Options In Different Countries 
Unmatched Payment Platforms 
No matter if you wants to pay by mobile phone, credit, debit, prepaid cards, or bank accout.


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Dear customers, today RUexchange resume operations of pay Linden dollars as Authorized Reseller.


Authorized Linden Dollar Reseller

We are very happy to announce that RUexchange received the status of Authorized Linden Dollar Reseller and became a member of Authorised Reseller Program.
Team Ruexchange.


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Ruexchange has applied to become the Linden Lab official reseller, our activity of trading linden dollars is temporarily stopped


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Owners of RUExchange have decided, our service continue to work for CIS users, because of inability to buy money on LindeX. At the moment we took all payment risks on our own. Also our service is totaly safe and do not require registration, we do not store user secure data, so users do not have any risks. Delays in payments can occur at this moment, please understand and excuse us for that. Best regards, RUExchange team.


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Dear customers, you might have seen the changes of ToS regarding exchanges other than the Lindex.
We try to get more information about the consequences.
Meanwhile we cant accept new sell orders.
We will inform you as soon as we have more information.

Thank you for your understanding, RUExchange Team


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Dear users, payments via system Bill4Net, work again in automatic mode.

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